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Chocolate Peppermint Cups

Chocolate Peppermint Cups

This post is sponsored by Vitamix. All opinions expressed are my own.

'Tis the season for all things chocolate and peppermint. These low-sugar chocolate peppermint coconut butter cups double as the perfect treat for a holiday gathering, or a healthier treat to keep at home for snacking!


All you need are 5 simple ingredients:

·   Unsweetened coconut

·   Dairy-free, soy-free chocolate chips

·   Coconut oil

·   Peppermint oil

·   Organic candy canes

The coconut butter gives this recipe a healthy fat to help stabilize blood sugars, but the coconut taste is completely masked by the peppermint! So even those who aren't on board the coconut train will love these chocolate cups. Promise!


I use my Explorian Vitamix to create my own homemade coconut butter using just one ingredient—unsweetened shredded coconut. The Vitamix creates a smooth consistency that's perfect for sandwiching between two chocolatey layers.


Win everyone over this holiday season with these decadent and delicious chocolate peppermint coconut butter cups.

Happy holidays everyone!


Makes 12 chocolate cups


4 cups shredded coconut

2 cup dark chocolate chips

2 tsp coconut oil

1/2 tsp peppermint oil

4 organic candy canes (look for ones without any high-fructose corn syrup)


1.    Line a muffin tin with 12 muffin cups. Begin by melting half of the chocolate (1 cup) and half of the coconut oil (1 tsp) using a double broiler or in the microwave, stirring occasionally. Just be careful not to burn!

2.    Once melted, pour an equal amount of chocolate (about 2 tsp) into each muffin cup to coat the bottom.

3.    Lightly tap muffin tin on counter to evenly distribute chocolate in muffin cups, then place in freezer. Set timer for 15 minutes.

4.    While chocolate is freezing, make coconut butter by placing shredded coconut in your Vitamix. Blend until smooth, scraping down the sides occasionally. Be patient—this will take several minutes!

5.    Once coconut butter is smooth, combine with peppermint oil.

6.    When bottom chocolate layer is set, spread a middle layer of the coconut butter mixture onto each cup. Then repeat the process for the chocolate (Step 1) and pour chocolate over the coconut butter layer.

7.    Pulverize candy canes in your Vitamix or crush them by hand in a plastic bag and sprinkle them over the tops of the chocolate cups. I don't recommend skipping this step because it adds a delicious crunch and extra peppermint flavor!

8.    Freeze for 20 minutes before serving, or store in the freezer in an airtight container once frozen.


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