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my guide to thailand + cambodia.

my guide to thailand + cambodia.

to date, the greatest trip of my life.

i recommend this trip to anyone looking for something different + adventurous, for the explorer + the food lover, for a romantic trip or a friend/family trip. everything we did, ate, and every place we went was absolutely amazing. besides the 4 hour touristy boat trip in stormy waves- that i don’t recommend ;)

first stop: bangkok

we didn’t have a tonnn of desire to stay long in bangkok, but we stayed one night to recover from the travel and find a fun spot to eat!

where we ate:


toby’s on sukhumvit 38

a cute little cafe with yummy toasts, quinoa yogurt fruit bowls, lattes, and some local treats!

next stop: cambodia

a short flight away from bangkok, and if we had to pick, our favorite place on the trip. the people were unexplainably amazing- so kind, friendly, and inviting. so many unique activities and sites to see. i can’t put into words how in love with cambodia we were, from the second we hopped on a tuk tuk (bike taxi) from the airport to our hotel. i highly recommend adding this to your trip!

what we did:

angkor wat temples

one of the 7 original wonders of the world. breath taking temples and religious monuments that have been there since the 12th century. we were AMAZED by the detail on every wall, every corner you turn. it was truly unbelievable! plus, on the way out of the temples we saw a bunch of monkeys just running around :) we booked a tour guide and got there before sunrise- both of which i highly recommend!

sunset ATV ride

seriously, the coolest thing i have ever done. both blake and i teared up it was so beautiful. we booked this atv tour thinking it was a big group touristy thing and weren’t too sure about it, what we ended up with was a private tour of the most unbelievable sites i have ever seen- it’s hard to even put into words. red dirt roads, gorgeous green pasture with water buffalo roaming around, children and husbands catching dinner in the ponds next to their tiny homes. it was just amazing and so eye opening. i will NEVER forget this day.

pub street

you can’t really miss pub street- it’s where all the bars, food, and shops are. it was so much fun both day and night! we loooved pub street and just rididng around in tuk tuks!

where we ate:

peace cafe

i was OBSESSED with this cafe. they host yoga, have a shop filled with locally made gifts that support the community, gorgeous outdoor seating, and amazing vegan food. i seriously dream about this place and miss it so much. a MUST!


spoons cafe

i was so proud of blake for finding this gem! i don’t have a picture of this meal because it was late and we tried to not always have our phones— but the menu was amazing! again, gorgeous outdoor seating and healthy food options. it’s sort of tucked away and hidden for a great intimate dinner. highly recommend!


next stop: chiang mai

this part of our trip felt like it was just packed with adventure- stumbling onto a local street fest with the most amazing food, driving around on scooters for hours up the hills, and exploring hole-in-the-wall restaurants and bars.

what we did:

adopted elephants for a day at patara elephant farm

this was a rescue farm for elephants- we fed, bathed, and rode bare-back on the elephants back to the farm. please be mindful of the elephant experiences you are booking- many will put “seats” on the elephants for humans that actually can break the elephants back, are treated poorly, etc. we looked a lot into this- and we also decided against the Tiger Kingdom where you can pet and take a picture of a tiger. I knew those tigers had to be given a lot of medication to be able to do that and I just did not feel right about it. BUT, this elephant experience was amazing and I cried because it was so special!

walked trails among fresh water and gorgeous trees. and explored, a lot!

we rented a scooter and helmets from out hotel (vieng mantra hotel which we loved) and explored the hell out of this city! it was such a special time with so many memories. the trail seen above was in doi suthep park!

where we ate:


larder cafe

we found this gem tucked away on our way to explore on our scooter. it was the perfect little pit stop! this fig toast was out of this world, and blake was obsessed with the parmesan eggs. their coffee and matcha was also great!


Image-1 copy.jpg

cooking love

amazing, authentic thai. enough said- this place was legit and we ate their 2 or 3 times, and the owner was a sweet woman who i swear recognized every one that came back a second time! it was a few doors down from our hotel. so good!


final stop: koh sumui

this was the perfect way to end our trip. koh sumai was relaxing, beautiful, and we found one of our favorite restaurants of all time here. we hotel hopped: our first hotel was ban sua samui with the most insane view I have ever seen (but no amenities or staff after you check in, just fyi). the second hotel was le meridien koh samui resort & spa and was beyond amazing. we felt so blessed to stay there!

where we ate:


vikasa yoga cafe

i mean…just obsessed. this is a resort for yoga retreats that was absolutely STUNNING. they have a restaurant open to anyone- we had a gorgeous view of the water while we ate, and we went back there every day we were in koh sumai because we loved it so much. mostly vegan food, with some non vegan options as well. the food was AMAZING and so fresh. house made probiotic coconut yogurt with raw granola and raw chocolate sauce, eggs with insanely orange yolks, and my favorite drink was made with espresso, dates, vanilla, coconut milk, and maca. they also had homemade chocolate almond milk and raw desserts to take home. can’t recommend this place enough!


there are tons of places to stay and see in thailand- i recommend researching a lot before booking to decide what type of trip you want to have! again, i highly recommend adding siem reap, cambodia if you can! this trip holds such a special place in my heart and i can’t wait to make it back some day. xoxo

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