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autumn cheese board

autumn cheese board

this cheese board was made in partnership with CHEVOO marinated goat cheese.

seriously, who doesn’t love a good cheese board? it doesn’t get much dreamier than this! I have so much fun creating cheese boards honestly! this one was inspired by the flavors of autumn, with the star of the show being this CHEVOO black truffle marinated goat cheese. i’m drooling just thinking about it!

i made this cheese board with the intention to meet different dietary needs- something I always try to keep in mind with parties or gatherings!

  • goat cheese for the cheese lover (me)

  • organic meats for your paleo friends

  • red pepper hummus for a pop of autumn color and a vegan dip option

  • both gluten free lentil crackers and paleo crackers

  • figs

  • fig jam

  • sliced pears.

    I love the sweet and savory combo on a cheese board- especially fruit paired with creamy goat cheese!

CHEVOO makes some pretty amazing flavor combinations for their marinated goat cheese- you can check them all out here to start planning your autumn cheese board! I’d love to see pictures of your board in the comments below :)

enjoy and happy holidays! xx

my current obsessions.

my current obsessions.

no sugar added banana tahini muffins (paleo, nut free)

no sugar added banana tahini muffins (paleo, nut free)