blood orange low sugar cocktail + a favorite holiday app!

blood orange low sugar cocktail + a favorite holiday app!

this post is in partnership with Bai antioxidant infusion drinks.

this cocktail is low in sugar, but certainly not lacking in all the flavor! plus, it’s super simple to make. with a little garnish, this is a great healthier festive holiday cocktail option!

I’m also sharing my favorite holiday appetizer to go along with cocktail hour to get your holiday parties off to a great start!
you can keep these as ‘mocktails’ for those who choose not to drink, too :)

enjoy and happy holidays! xx


Cocktail Recipe

For 1 drink

  • about 1/2 of 1 can of Bai jamaican blood orange bubbles

  • juice of 1/2 of a lime

  • 2 oz of white rum, vodka, or tequila (optional)

  • garnish: slices of blood oranges and a sprig of rosemary

pair it with: a holiday cheese board

this really is the perfect appetizer if you ask me! you can have a little something for everyone on the board, and it’s a pretty easy prep and clean up. I like to have the following on my holiday cheese board:

  • almond flour crackers (for the paleo/gluten free)

  • lentil or brown rice crackers (for anyone with a nut allergy!)

  • veggie sticks- carrots, celery, cucumber (for the health nut)

  • hummus and/or vegan cheese spread (for the vegan/dairy free)

  • an assortment of cheeses: look for a cranberry cheese to keep things festive, and cheddar for a pop of color

  • organic sliced meats (salami, prosciutto, pepperoni, etc.)

  • fig jam

  • fruit slices (pears, blood oranges, figs, grapes, etc.)

  • rosemary and/or thyme for garnish