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Welcome to my blog. I am a dietitian on a mission to create simple, healthy, approachable meals!

my current obsessions.

my current obsessions.

I’m so excited to share with you guys some things I am currently loving- from in my kitchen to the books I’m loving, and everything in between. all of the photos have a click through link, so just click the picture to get more details on and/or shop the items. xx

  1. shredded veggie hash (see #2 for the kitchen tool I’m using for this)

this meal is ready in 10 minutes and I love it for breakfast or dinner! I always mix up the veggies, but some of my favorite combos:

  1. sweet potato + brussels sprouts (I use the shred attachment for the sweet potato and the slice side of the attachment for the brussels)

    carrot, cabbage, and brussels (seen in photo below)

I let the veggies saute in avocado oil until soft (I season with chili powder, turmeric, cayenne, paprika, oregano, salt and pepper). once the veggies are soft after a few minutes, I make 2 nests for the eggs, crack the eggs, and cover the pan with the lid. this allows to the egg whites to set and the veggies to continue to cook a little more.

2. food processor

I have no idea why I waited so long to get a food processor! I was using my Vitamix for all things blending- don’t get me wrong it’s an amazing blender, but it just can’t do everything the food processor can do! my friend Erin (from @Erinliveswhole) recommended this affordable option a few months ago and I have been SO pleased with it! The slice/shred attachment is seriously a game changer in the kitchen. I will never use a cheese grater to grate veggies again. I quickly shred up carrots, brussels, potatoes, or cabbage for easy roasting or breakfast hashes. Depending on the veggie, you’ll just have to figure out which side of the slice/shred attachment works best!

3. insulated thermos for hot meals on the go

I highly recommend this insulated food canister for on-the-go meals. For me, I love this because I really try to avoid using the microwave to heat up food. I work at an office Monday-Thursday, but it’s important to me to pack my own food and not always eat out. I love to pack soups, stews, or even roasted veggies and chicken in this. I heat the food up on the stove in the morning, add it immediately to the thermos to retain all heat, and by lunch time it’s still warm!

4. siete habanero hot sauce


I find this stuff at Whole Foods, and I’m drizzling it on EVERYTHING. so good, and made with clean and healthy ingredients. a lot of hot sauces have sugar added to them strangely enough, but this one doesn’t! if you like some heat, I highly recommend this.

5. lululemon in movement leggings

i love the way these leggings fit and feel. i love wearing these for weight lifting or circuit training- i don’t recommend them for cardio as the fabric will start to pill from the friction! they hug you in all the right places!

6. electric kettle

for busy mornings, and because I hate cold water! according to ayruvedic practices, cold water is actually not preferable for women, so I feel like less of a weirdo for only drinking room temp or hot water. you can bring the water to a full boil in this for tea, but if I just want warm or room temp water I take that water out before it’s boiling. it’s so quick! also, the water is not in contact with any plastic to avoid the ingestion of chemicals.

7. the neapolitan novels

my mom and sister introduced to this series a few months back, and I was so in love with every book about two friends growing up in italy. the novels are so beautifully written and the story is unique. the kind of series I want to read all over again- I was so sad when I was done with the books!

8. free people flared pants

absolutely loving these pants! I have them in black, but I want basically every color. pretty affordable, too, for the perfect pant for casual outfits or wearing to work! I pair mine with turtle necks, tee shirts, or chunky sweaters. so cute!

9. alessandra olanow illustrations instagram

so in love with every single piece alessandra creates! i want to hang them all over my home. give her a follow!

vegan lentil + sweet potato stew.

vegan lentil + sweet potato stew.

autumn cheese board

autumn cheese board